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My name is Jim and I have always loved Photography. It started for me while in high school growing up in Kansas City, I loved the process of capturing an image, working with 35mm film and learning the process of developing images from negatives. I worked at a local camera store where we developed film and restored old photographs that were mostly black & white or sepia tone prints. We had a collection of color media that we could use to fill in cracks or small tears in the photograph, then we would shoot the photo that was retouched. I learned process of exposing, dodging or burning an image on light sensitive paper, I could create my own view and hoped that I could capture or stir up a memory. I got my first SLR a Minolta srTscII for Christmas in 1979 when I was 16, which I still have. As with most of us a few years went by while I raised a family, still photographing along the way. I never lost sight of my passion and started photographing again 6 years ago while cycling the countryside just outside Indianapolis. Although everything is digital now and photography software is now the darkroom which allows us more creativity. I enjoy photographing Architecture, Landscapes, Automotive, Still Life, and Portraits. I have a habit of changing subjects to keep things fresh, to see things from another point of view. It’s also wonderful to do something I love doing, right here in Oregon!
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